Imagine being able to grow food and medicine in any region in the world with minimal impact on the environment

Electric Farms is currently researching and developing the most effective way to allow anyone in the world to grow their own food and medicine.

One way that Electric Farms is researching how to create high yielding crops while also maintaining a low impact on the environment is by using a mixture of renewable energy sources to power LED lights placed in recycled shipping containers that are placed underground. The LED system emits a spectrum of light that can provide plants with the energy needed to create photosynthesis. This system can be scaled down and implemented into homes, just like a microwave or a fridge.

The reason we place the recycled shipping containers underground is because it is easier to control the temperature, another reason is because it is more cost and space effective to dig deep and have many shipping containers stacked on top of each other than to place them side by side on the surface.

hydroponic system